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Egypt has a long history of oil and gas E&P activities that dates back to the late 1880's. Such activities, up to date, have yielded a vast amount of E&P data representing one of the national resources of the country. Some of this data is currently stored, at some risk, in different formats and media that needs to be migrated and loaded to a state-of-the-art industry solution, therefore the need aroused to establish Egypt Upstream Gateway (EUG) to efficiently handle the data on behalf of EGPC & in collaboration with Schlumberger. Egypt upstream gateway is a National Data Repository that launched on Feb. 2021, and has become an essential tool for E&P data preservation, managing the active data, and promote for the upstream opportunities through international Bidrounds. We believe the futures lies in the interpretation of raw data rather than the collection of it. The synergies include less cost relating to upload, storing and download of data, as well as efficient access to public data, seamless distribution of shared data and well-balanced data trades. EUG is designed to efficiently manage all the vast quantities of data generated from exploration and production activities and make selected information easily available and accessible. Users will also get data of known quality on agreed data formats. Having EUG in operation will enhance prospects of petroleum exploration and facilitate the Bidding Rounds by improving the availability of quality data throughout the year. With this action, Egypt will be joining the league of countries that have NDR centers and can compete effectively in the hydrocarbon E&P sector. All data is stored according to the strictest security regime in the National Data Repository (NDR) and includes both public and private data. Private data can only be accessed by those who are entitled to it. Public data is accessible to all members. Data safety, integrity and accessibility are at the core of the solution. Data types include Seismic data, Well data and Production data. Companies frequently Trade entitlements to private data with other companies; part of the EUG mandate is to ensure an efficient flow of data between companies by managing these entitlements.


Build a fully integrated platform for Egypt to enable seamless data access and offer the opportunity to explore new plays, prospects and evaluate basins' potential .


Optimizing the value of E&P by attracting global investment to the upstream sector to boost production.